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In this page you will find all the information on the conference «More technologies? More women entrepreneurs!»



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What distinguished this conference and made it stand out was the fact that it spoke the language of today’s and the future’s female entrepreneur! In other words, it was organized in a manner that took into consideration the participants’ gender-specific needs. It not only gave them the opportunity to leave the conference with new knowledge, but it provided, among other things, practical and useful workshops, focusing on mentoring, on office applications as well as the use and application of social media.

Additionally, 12 European projects were presented at the conference, projects that can help women of Europe -regardless of age or race/ethnic background- to discover what the EU Lifelong Learning Programme can do for them.

Approximately 500 participants attended the conference, out of which almost 300 participants attended the conference physically, -despite the severe difficulties caused by the wave of strikes in Athens, including the strike of all the mass means of transportation- and 195 participated through live web streaming.

In highlighting and showing women -and men- the advantages and opportunities that ICTs can offer them for the development of their business initiatives and activities, the conference target was achieved, namely it succeeded in inspiring and encouraging future and aspiring women entrepreneurs.

We have the technology, we have no excuse!